Kevin J. Boissoneault

Managing Partner / Section Chair

If you ask anyone in my family and friends they will tell you I have wanted to be an attorney since at least junior high. The thought of someone more powerful or with more money harming or taking advantage of someone and getting away with it has always hurt me at my core. I realized at an early age that the most direct, hands on authoritative way to right a wrong was as a lawyer fighting in a courtroom.”

Kevin began his career at GT&B in 1992 and has built the Personal Injury section into one of the strongest and most successful firms in the region. His reputation as a compelling trial attorney and litigator has won settlements for his clients and their families. Kevin’s commitment to protecting those who have been injured through accident or negligence has brought justice for thousands of clients.




Michael D. Bell


“I practice law because I was raised to treat people fairly and with compassion and to expose injustice. Being a trial lawyer provides me the opportunity to do just that. I believe that trial lawyers provide comfort to the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. In this era of pro business/anti consumer sentiment, where profit is king to the detriment of the common good, I gain great satisfaction in providing my clients some measure of comfort, often in their greatest time of need.”

Mike has been a practicing plaintiff attorney since 1999 and an associate with GT&B since 2007. His entire career has been committed to protecting the rights of those injured through no fault of their own. Mike concentrates his practice in the areas of car wrecks, trucking accidents, medical negligence, wrongful death, birth injuries, defective products, nursing home abuse & neglect, dog bites, construction accidents and slip & falls. But he also has a strong commitment to protecting those who have earned our protection – patients in nursing homes who have been abused or neglected.




Jonathan M. Ashton


“I practice law so that I can help people in their time of need. A personal injury is so much more than physical pain. It means missed time at work, extra stress on the family, and mounting bills. I work to relieve as much of that stress as I possibly can by dealing with the insurance company to achieve the best result I can. When I meet a new client for the first time I tell them that their only job is to work at getting better because I will do my best to handle everything else.”

Jonathan began his law career at GB&S in 2007 as a law clerk and was hired as an associate immediately after passing the Ohio Bar in 2008. Jonathan practices in Personal Injury, representing clients who have been injured and need justice and compensation for them to move forward in their lives.




Drew R. Massé


“I’m committed to helping people injured through no fault of their own. I find that I get a lot of satisfaction helping them. I try to be particularly attentive to what they may suspect or have difficulty understanding about the legal process. I enjoy providing my clients the best opportunity possible to understand and pursue their rights with a high level of confidence and satisfaction. In short, I’m committed to what I do because I like helping people with the law, I know what I’m doing, have done what I’m doing for many years, and I think I do it well.”

Drew joined GT&B in 2008, bringing with him 25 years of legal expertise in personal injury, medical malpractice and insurance bad faith claims. He is licensed in both Ohio and Michigan and has practiced before various U.S. District Courts as well as before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and United States Claims Court. Drew’s drive and commitment to right the wrongs inflicted on his clients has built his reputation as a strong advocate for his clients.




Jeffrey W. Swiech


“I practice law because I personally know what it’s like to suffer a serious injury. Several years ago during a routine surgery I sustained significant complications. I believe my experience has helped me understand the feeling of powerlessness an injury can create, as well as the hardship it can place upon a family. This experience has helped me to become a client focused attorney, who is concerned with protecting my client’s rights.”

Jeff joined GT&B in 2008 as a law clerk. After passing the Ohio Bar, he became an Associate in 2011. Working in the Personal Injury section, Jeff is committed to protecting clients who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own to get the justice and compensation they deserve.